About Me

The first thing I should tell you about myself is that I’ve been a writer my entire professional life. I’ve been a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor and a public relations professional, as well as a freelance writer and editor.

I’ve also lived in the South Bend community for most of my adult life.

However, for the past nine years I’ve been almost entirely a caregiver for several different family members. One is my daughter, who lives in the same downtown apartment building as I do. Her story is unique, and I expect I’ll introduce you to her before long. But as a caregiver, I suspect that will color my experience through this pandemic.

I’m a little odd too, because early in my career I wrote about faith topics. But later I wrote about science. And I like writing about both. I see many parallels between the two.

Scientists and serious people of faith share some things in common. First, both seek to know what is true. And second, both are rooted in a kind of awe of the world and all that’s in it. And third, I think both people of science and people of faith are working for a better world.

The microbial world has been a primary interest of mine for a number of years. While at the moment we are focused on a virus that can do a terrible amount of harm in a very short time, there is an unseen universe of benevolent, benign and pernicious microbes alike — far exceeding our imaginations. I expect I’ll write more on that as well.

I hope by sharing my thoughts and experiences through this global adventure that I’ll connect with others and gain from their perspective as well.

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