A Stroll Around the Block

It’s chilly here today — and a little gusty too. But the forecast had been for rain, and since it wasn’t raining, my daughter and I used the opportunity to stroll around the block.

We live next door to a major performance venue in our community — the Morris Civic Auditorium. The doors are shuttered now, of course. The Disney production of the Lion King had opened March 4 and was the hottest ticket in town until Gov. Eric Holcomb announced March 12 (Was that just last week?) that the state was banning all gatherings of more than 250 people. That very night we arrived home to see dozens of people in the Morris loading doc glued to their cells phones. The production trailer remains parked there even now, although I haven’t seen sign of life since.

My daughter Anna.

Next door to the Morris is the Palais Royale, a popular setting for wedding receptions, proms, parties and other gatherings. Who knows when they will be allowed to reopen for business?

I was astonished to find Griffin Book Store still open. I had never stepped in, having moved to my apartment only last fall, and I was delighted to find it not only open but, with their emphasis on classical literature, I would never lack for good reading through the duration of our Corona-induced social distancing experiment.

In addition to books, the Griffon is filled with eclectic serendipity — from miniature modeling supplies to military and war collectibles, traditional gaming, cards and dice, Notre Dame sports memorabilia, and used media and framed art. Even though we were the only shoppers in the store, the clerk said she expected it would remain open unless they were ordered closed by governmental decree. It’s sad to find such a cool shop empty, as we found it today. If you’re interested, check out their website: www.griffon-bookstore.com.

It appears that the Griffon is the only open storefront on our block. Pedestrians have abandoned the sidewalks of our typically bustling downtown district were empty of pedestrians. Vehicle traffic, while light, persists. We’ll continue to explore more in coming days.

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