My Home.

Forgive me if my first posts are a little pedestrian. Mostly, I’m giving you background — the setting, if you will.

I live in a recently restored building in former Mayor Pete’s revitalized downtown South Bend. Built in 1930, the Hoffman Hotel building is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are 48 apartment units, and when it opened in 2016 in its current configuration, it was conceived as a community for artists, musicians and writers.

The Hoffman Hotel building is a handsome structure of red brick trimmed with limestone and terra cotta mosaic tile panels. There are 48 units in the 12-story edifice.

Most of us do not live purely off the earnings of our artistic pursuits. So you can imagine that the economic disarray caused by efforts to minimize the spread of the Corona virus have hit many of the tenants particularly hard.

I see our community as a microcosm of this city, each of us with our own story. Everyone, after all, has a story, and it’s the individual personal stories of the people I encounter each day that are most likely to make my daily missives compelling reads for you, my readers, much more so than my own musings.

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